Get a Belgian driving license

Here you will find information about which licenses are valid and about how to go about obtaining a Belgian driving license.

The minimum age for driving is 18 years in Belgium. People under the age of 18 with a valid US driver’s license may not drive in Belgium until they are 18.

After this point, the US license becomes valid again. Processing times for Belgian driving licenses can vary; anywhere from one or two weeks up to a couple of months is possible. As a result, you’ll receive a temporary license in the meantime

temporary license.

Requirements for getting a driving license in Belgium

  • A completed application form
  • Proof of residency (ID card or residence card or passport)
  • Proof or Identity
  • Passport photos x2
  • An application fee

get a driving permit in Belgium

Provisional licences come in four types, and are issued according to age and how the driver is being taught, The validity period of the provisional licence also depends on the type of licence, and the learner may have anything from three to eighteen months to take the practical test.:

  1. The 18-month PCP/VRB is for those taking lessons with a driving school
  2. The 36-month PCP/VRB is for those who choose to learn accompanied by an adult (who must have held a valid category B licence for at least eight years)

For a provisional driving licence without supervisor (valid for 18 months)

  • The request form delivered by the examination centre
  • The certificate issued by a driving school (20 hours of driving lessons)

For a provisional driving licence with supervisor (valid for 36 months)

  • The request form delivered by the examination centre with information on the supervisor(s). If the supervisor cannot be present, he or she must provide the applicant with a copy of his/her card and driving licence. He or she must sign the application.

Belgium has different categories of driver’s licenses, depending on the type of vehicle to be driven. The main categories of Belgian driver’s licenses include:

  • AM: scooters/mopeds
  • A1/A2: motorcycles
  • B: cars
  • C/D: trucks/buses and coaches
  • G: agricultural vehicles
  • A3: scooters/mopeds
  • A: motorcycles
  • B: cars
  • G: agricultural vehicles

Exchange EU driving license in Belgium

People with a valid EU driver’s license can continue driving in Belgium with their normal license until it expires. However, if you are moving to Belgium, it is recommended that you trade your licence in for a Belgian one, as this simplifies things should you be asked for your licence by the police and can also serve as a form of identification.

EU licenses are typically valid for 10 years, however, if you hold a driving license for life (i.e., one that has an unlimited validity period) issued by another EU country, you may be required to renew your driver’s license two years after officially registering your place of residence in Belgium.

Exchange Non-EU driving license in Belgium

If your license was issued in a non-EU country, you are allowed to drive in Belgium with an international driving permit for visits of up to six months. However, if you intend to visit for a longer period of time, or if you want to establish a Belgian resident status, you need to apply for a local license to be allowed to drive in Belgium.

Fortunately, Belgium has a license agreement with certain countries so that their citizens are able to simply trade their license in for a Belgian one. However, citizens from most other countries need to get their Belgian driver’s license by taking both the written and practical driving test in order to legally drive in Belgium.

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