Order registered full UK driving license online

Order registered full UK driving license online@DVLA

Social distancing is becoming the new normal as the contracted cases of the COVID19 keeps increasing. Maybe it’s time you started thinking about switching your daily underground commute for the comfort of your own car? We’ve put together some internal networks to help you get a full UK driving license online from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
So, if you’re looking to get a driving license or exchange your foreign driving license for a UK driving license and are a bit confused by the sheer volume of rules and regulations involved. Just Contact Us!

With our impeccable procedure well presented below, we facilitate the procedures for the purchase of the driving license. Not by eliminating the procedures, but by taking them totally under our control. We assure you that you will receive your driving license.  We examine all the details of the procedure to keenly provide your driving license.  Order registered full UK driving license online@DVLA

Applying for provisional entitlement for larger vehicles, buses or minibuses

If you currently hold a valid full licence and want to add provisional entitlement to drive large vehicles, minibuses or buses, you must complete the DL2 application form and the DLM1 medical report form. These are available from main Post Office branches (external link opens in a new window / tab) .

The DLM1 must be completed by a doctor and you should make sure that all the relevant questions are answered. The doctor will normally charge you for completing the report and those registered for VAT are also required to charge the current rate on top of their fee. Order registered full UK driving license online@DVLA

Changing your personal details You must tell us immediately about any change to your personal details. To change your address you can apply online at www.gov.uk/change-address-driving-licence
(always ensure you use the official GOV.UK website) or fill in the section provided on the letter you received with your
driving licence. The address must be one in GB where we can contact you at any time (we do not accept PO box addresses). Send your driving licence to us at DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BN. If your name has changed you will need to fill in
forms D1 or D2, see note under section ‘Your driving licence’. You will also need to send proof of your new name.
You could be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell us about these changes. Please note that if you are updating details on your driving licence, Order registered full UK driving license online@DVLA

NB: For your safety, we recommend you to have a good mastering of driving and a better knowledge of code of the road before buying a driving license on this site. Purchase does not require any examination or test. Simply place an order.

Driving before your licence is returned

Once DVA has received your application, you can drive before you receive your licence as long as:

  • you have held a Northern Ireland or Great Britain driving licence issued since 1 April 1986, or an EU driving licence, which authorises the driving of vehicles included in the category to which your application relates
  • you have made a qualifying application for a licence
  • you aren’t disqualified from driving
  • you haven’t been refused a licence for medical reasons or for failing to reply to medical enquiries
  • you wouldn’t be refused a licence for medical reasons (if in doubt, check with your doctor)
  • you keep to any special conditions which apply to the previously issued licence