Social distancing is becoming the new normal as the contracted cases of the COVID keeps increasing and the virus also doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. So maybe it’s time you started thinking about switching your daily underground commute for the comfort of your own car by getting your full driving licence during this COVID pandemic. We’ve put together some internal networks to help you get a UK driving license from the DVLA without exams required. Buy genuine driving licence UK

Our online services are currently not affected by measures relating to Coronavirus.

Getting your full UK driving licence during this COVID-19 pandemic
Getting your full UK driving licence during this COVID-19 pandemic

some other local authorities are using this option, we want to minimise any risk to public safety as far as possible as is our primary function. We are concerned to safeguard against hundreds of people seeking the UK driving licence either for the first time or just trying to renew expired driving licence, and the confusion and potential risks and increased administrative burden (and costs) this could provide down the line. We are able to deliver this service to licensees where ever they are in the UK and adequately need to get a driving licence. All of this is aimed at looking at other ways that we can best support the trade at this very difficult time for all. Buy driving license no test.

We also cannot simply shift hundreds of vehicle licence renewal dates to a later date in the year, with concurrent testing requirements as this will present spikes in activity and testing demand that could be detrimental to the service going forward. We are also mindful of the government’s commitments to supporting everyone, including self-employed individuals and so are hopeful that the measures we are proposing provide enough flexibility to clients seeking to get a full UK driving licence so as to support them through the immediate difficulties, whilst upholding the integrity of the Best Document Service. Buy genuine driving licence UK

We commit to keeping this current approach of being a trade partner with guaranteed satisfaction for all those who trust us with the task in getting valid UK driving license online.

Renew your driving licence | Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates 

While car licences last for 10 years, those for bus and lorry drivers last for only five years, so they are advised to check the validity of their licence, too. Buy genuine driving licence from home. No tests

The extension of Driving licences is automatic and drivers don’t have to do anything to obtain it. They will be notified and advised to renew their licence before the seven-month extension period finishes. The extension applies only to photocard licences that expire. If your driving licence is about to run out because you’re reaching the age of 70, or if you are over 70 and need to renew it every three years, you will need to send it off to renew it in the usual way.  buy driving license no test

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