Renew your UK driving licence

Renew your UK driving licence while living abroad. You can apply for a replacement of your UK Driving licence online but only if you have a UK address. A Good place to start is the website

Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed driving licence.

To replace your licence you’ll need to:

  • be a resident of Great Britain (there’s a different service in Northern Ireland)
  • not be disqualified from driving for any reason
  • provide addresses where you’ve lived for the last 3 years

Provide your driving licence number, National Insurance number and passport number if you know them.

But you will need a legitimate UK address. Do you have a UK address you could use? (A friend, relation or someone else you can trust).

you also need your driving licence number. (Renew your UK driving licence while living abroad)

See: What the characters on your driving licence number mean.

when you reach 70, or after a ban, only those who are under 70, drive legally, and haven’t moved in 20 years are still going to have them. The problem can be that they are no good as photo ID – and increasingly people are insisting on that – even though there is no legal requirement for anyone to have photo ID in the UK.

Do you have to be officially resident in the UK to get a UK drivers licence?

No, you don’t have to have the status of official resident. You just have to be allowed to be in the UK at all.

You do have to have a postal address in the UK which the UK drivers licence “belongs to” when it is issued. It is issued through the post.

Your idea of staying for 2 months, and doing a sort of “intensive course” would be entirely possible, let’s say if you were officially living with friends or relatives. or even in a hotel. It is legal to do this.  Buy UK Driving licence

You don’t have to be a UK citizen. Bring all your mates over and they can do the same thing (hypothetically). If you are allowed to live in the UK (say, for that 2 month period you mentioned) then you are allowed to do this.

Why is it allowed? Simple. The UK driving licence allows you to drive in the UK. It doesn’t allow you to do anything else at all in the UK, and it doesn’t prove that you are a citizen, a resident, or any of that stuff. It is not a “national identity card”. So why would there be any reason to disallow it?

Find out where you should renew your driving licence if you move to … EU driving licences are valid in the UK until 31 December 2020. … do if your driving licence is lost or stolen while you are travelling abroad. Country-specific information. Are you living abroad and need to renew your licence or replace a …Renew your UK driving licence while living abroad

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